Peter Halmi – director, producer, screenwriter – was born in Hungary on August 8, 1984.

He began his career as an actor.

He played leading roles in numerous performances in Germany, Japan, Canada and in the United States – The Phantom of the Opera, The Bat, The Merry Widow, Chicago, A Little Night Music, A View From The Bridge, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Anna Karenina.

He was inveted to Los Angeles in 2012 where he worked as a stage director for four years –
Circus Princess, Baroness Lili, A Night at the Opera, Countess Maritza, All’s Well that Ends Well.

He is the Artistic Director of Jona Films Paris later on Jonah Film Entertainment since 2017 when he started his film career – Coriandoli Verdi, J’en Ai Marre, Insieme, Unsent Letter, Adieu, Canzone D’Amore, Fille de l’Océan, Dreams of Los Angeles, It Was September, A Kind of Love.

He made his debut as a co-producer in the short movie Les Recherches Continuent (2018). The film – was shot in Paris – received the main prize of Bujtor Istvan Film Festival in Hungary after that the film was presented in West Los Angeles and North Hollywood as well.

„Le Collier” / „The Necklace” french-hungarian co-production was also shooted in Paris, of which he was the director, co-producer and screenwriter (2020). The film received the Best Cinematography in Sweden, the Best Director Award –  the Special Jury Prize in India, Bollywood, and the “Inspiration Woman in a Film” award in Hollywood, Los Angeles (2020).

As a Theater Director

  • Marriage by Lantern-Light (2017)
  • Circus Princess (2016)
  • Baroness Lili (2015)
  • A Night at the Opera (2014)
  • All’s Well that Ends Well (2013)
  • Countess Maritza (2012)

As a Film Director

  • Le Collier (2020)
  • Behind the scene (2020)
  • Unsent Letter (2020)
  • You Don’t Need Money to Be Loved (2019)
  • Adieu (2019)
  • My Beautiful Homeland (2019)
  • Coloured Pencils in My Soul (2018)
  • Zingarella (2018)
  • Frida (2018)
  • Clown (2017)

As a Producer

  • Le Collier (2020)
  • Fille de l’Océan (2019)
  • It was September (2018)
  • Do you like reading? (2018)
  • A Kind of Love (2018)
  • Acta est fabula (2018)
  • Les recherches continuent (2017)


  • Best Director és Special Jury Awards (Le Collier) – Indo Global International Film Festival, 2020
  • Best Picture (Le Collier) – Sweden Film Awards, 2020
  • Inspiration Woman in a Film (Le Collier) – Los Angeles Film Awards, 2020
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